external cable routing

Top quality adjustable seatpost, proudly made in Switzerland.

Highly customizable with collars and remote parts that come in various colours.

Advanced hydraulic system – smooth and fluid action throughout the travel (100, 125 and 155mm to choose from).

Designed to work with lower pressures in the system, which significantly extends the lifetime of internal seals when compared to other brands.

We have also achieved to eliminate the side to side play to the minimum.
This, and parts CNC machined from 7075 aluminium, allowed us to create a strong and reliable seatpost that you can trust on the trail in the hardest conditions.

The Uptimizer ST model has the activation cable connected to the lower tube (and not under the saddle on the top tube – no cable slack when the seatpost is compressed.

Symmetrical design of seatpost’s head allows the dropper to be rotated by 180°, and route the cable to the front or to the rear of the frame.

Easy to asseble and disassemble – literally in a matter of seconds – no hydraulic remote that requires bleeding air from the system.

yep remote

Technical details:


30.9mm, 31.6mm,
34.9mm (31.6mm with a shim)


80mm 100mm 125mm 155mm

total length

  80mm travel – 333mm
100mm travel – 353mm
125mm travel – 378mm
125mm travel – 408mm (TALL option)
155mm travel – 438mm


hydraulic, adjustable return
via air spring pressure


bar clamp, joystick style lever
(push or pull)


zero offset, 2-bolt design

cable routing

external, front or back routing


7075-T6 aircraft aluminum


various colour options for remote and collar
(black, silver, red, orange, purple, green, blue, gold)

(also available as aftermarket sales)


ST 125mm; 30.9

514g – incl. remote, excl. cable – photo

ST 155mm; 30.9

562g – incl. remote, excl. cable – photo

ST 125mm; 31.6

536g – incl. remote, excl. cable – photo

ST 155mm; 31.6

563g – incl. remote, excl. cable – photo

Cable ( inner + outer )

69g – photo