Diameter: 30.9 | 31.6
Travel: 80 | 100 | 125 | 155 | 185
Weight: from 478g

Smooth, fast and ultra precise hydraulic dropper made in Switzerland. Travel reduceres and air chamber tokens for ultimate adjustment control.  Comes in:
black | red | blue | green | silver | gold | orange | purple.

Service procedures are easy and you can service your post at home with basic tools! Full system bleed takes 5mins only – without taking the seatpost off the bike. Video tutorials and all spare parts available on our website.

30.9mm | 31.6mm

Travel options:
80mm | 100mm | 125mm | 155mm | 185mm
100 and 125 models are also available with a 30mm longer tube for more insertion. For all lengths see table below.

from 478g (see table below for more information).
Click on the weight to open a scale photo (on some options).

See table and technical drawing for more information.

Adjustments and customisation:
– air via external air valve
– oil weight via external bleed valve (change oil and bleed without taking the seatpost off the bike)
– air chamber tokens (change air spring feel)
– travel limiters (reduce travel with simple spacers)
– colour kits (8 colours)

Service your dropper at home, including the cartridge, using our service tutorials. All spare parts can be found in our on-line shop.

For service information and tutorials – CLICK HERE

scroll the table horizontally on mobile
to see all columns

travelA (total length)B (max insert.)C (min height)D (max height)
(above insertion mark)
weight 30.9
(click for photo)
weight 31.6
(click for photo)
100372.8223.3149.5282.8478g 505g 
100 tall402.8253.3149.5312.8512g 529g 
125397.8223.3174.5307.8480g 507g 
125 tall427.8253.3174.5337.8516g 541g 
155457.8253.3204.5367.8525g 551g 
185517.8283.3234.5427.8568g 593g 
  • no special tools required
  • external bleed port allows you to keep the seatpost installed on the bike while bleeding
  • experiment with oil weights

Simplified service procedures, video tutorials and a full range of spare parts available right away help you service your dropper at home quickly and without a hassle. Even the cartridge. No special tools needed.

JoyStick Remote.

  • works with any mechanically actuated dropper post
  • works at both ends of gear cable
  • push / pull action – ( thumb / index finger )
  • can be mounted right / left / up / down on the handlebar
  • crash resistant
  • pulls up to 8mm of cable
  • 8 colours available

New bike, new colour? No problem.
With collars and remote ends available in 8 different colours you can build your dream bike without compromises.

black | red | blue | green | silver | gold | orange | purple

No-gas cartridge allows you to overhaul the hydraulic system easily and without the risk of the cartridge blowing off.

Our newly developed Constant Force Valve controls oil flow regardless of the internal air pressure to provide a very sensitive remote action and instant actuation.

Allows pressure to ramp up in a linear way. Actuation is effortless compared to other systems on the market.

5mins bleed via external bleed port.
Bleed the system without having to perform the full service or even without taking the seatpost off the bike! Experiment with oil weights to adjust your seatpost’s action to your needs.

Now you can reduce the travel of your seatpost and the total length with simple add-on spacers. 5, 10 and 15mm spacers are supplied with the seatpost.

Adding tokens will decrease the air chamber volume. This will change the feel when you compress the seatpost. There will be more resistance from the saddle and more force will be required to push the saddle down. Available separately.

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