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The YEP Uptimizer 3.0 is a brand new, revolutionary hydraulic dropper seatpost made in Switzerland. Smoother, faster and more precise. Most importantly however – very easy to service.

Bleed the entire system in a few minutes without taking the post off the bike or without special tools!

Shorten the travel + the entire length using simple travel reducers (included in the box).

Adjust the feel by adding air chamber tokens!

Diameters: 30.9 / 31.6mm. Travel: 80, 100, 125, 155, 185mm travel and in one of 8 colour options (black, silver, gold, red, blue, green, purple, orange).

100mm and 125mm travel options are also available in TALL versions that have longer downtube (+30mm).
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Sizes and weights:

125mm: 30.9 480g / 31.6 503g / total length: 397.8mm
155mm: 30.9 525g / 31.6 550g / total length: 457.8mm
185mm: 30.9 568g / 31.6 595g / total length: 517.8mm

(more info in technical section)


New and unique hydraulic system, to bring the maintenance to the minimum. Full system bleed can be performed in a matter of minutes, without taking the seatpost off the bike. No special tools needed.


New, patented Constant Force Valve, oversized air chamber and completely redesigned bushings provide even smoother action and quicker actuation that remains fully under control of your finger on the remote throughout the travel.


Our components are Swiss Made, built in a small workshop with a lot of care and attention to detail. Therefore we can vouch for our product and stand behind it. You can find service tutorials here on our website.

the new YEP Uptimizer 3.0 seatpost comes packed with entirely new features and patented solutions.


new patented
NGC cartridge

This no-gas cartridge allows you to overhaul the hydraulic system easily and without the risk of the cartridge blowing off.


bleed port

Bleed the system without having to perform the full service or even without taking the seatpost off the bike! Experiment with oil weights to adjust your seatpost’s action to your needs.


air chamber

Allows pressure to ramp up in a linear way. Actuation is effortless compared to other systems on the market.


new patented
CF Valve

Our newly developed Constant Force Valve controls oil flow regardless of the internal air pressure to provide a very sensitive remote action and instant actuation.



Now you can reduce the travel of your seatpost and the total length with simple add-on spacers. 5, 10 and 15mm spacers are supplied with the seatpost.


air chamber

Adding tokens will decrease the air chamber volume. This will change the feel when you compress the seatpost. There will be more resistance from the saddle and more force will be required to push the saddle down.Available separately.



The joystick remote can be installed left, right, up or down on handlenbars. It can be actuated with the thumb or the index finger. Works with both ends of the gear cable. Simple and solid construction makes it truly crash resistant.

travelA (total length)B (max insert.)C (min height)weight 30.9
(click for photo)
weight 31.6
(click for photo)
100 tall402.8253.3149.5512g529g
125 tall427.8253.3174.5516g541g

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